DO BE NOTED THIS IS A HEAVY WIP (Work in progress Pardon the dust! I am still trying to learn the in and outs of this wiki)

Welcome to the Gaiaworld WikiEdit

This is a collective of information on lore that was conceived over a period of seven plus years of story telling and Roleplay.

This wiki has a collective of information on the world of Gaia. The Realm that these stories take place from. Gathered from Roleplay to Story-telling over the years.

Do note, that all of this was just creative expression that was created for entertainment purposes. If any physical form of this world occurs, all legal material will not be included, remaining only with Orignal Creations.

About The World of GaiaEdit

Gaia is the world in which these stories take place. It is a large world that was a basis on Roleplay that started from two friends over Instant Messenger. A story that was inspired by Final Fantasy with unrelated elements thrown in. This is subject to change should this world take a physical form one day to avoid copyright issues.

General information on events, characters, and locations portrayed by "Typh" to give curious people a centralized location of information to understand more about the stories and connections.

The genre in which Gaia lies is a rather interesting Fantasy/Sci-fi setting with a near-future flavor. Some references were puleld from here to find the basis of characters in other worlds.

Story and Purpose Edit

The story of Gaia is a collection of stories written, and references used to assist others in interesting information. The story revolves around Gaia and its inhabitants; of events, and happenings, much like Final Fantasy does. However all in one world.

Latest activityEdit

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